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Tonya Oswald

Sunrise Place Administrative Director

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Tonya Oswald, Sunrise Place Administrative Director, has been with Behavioral Health Specialists since May of 2022. With a strong background in healthcare and a passion for assisting others in overcoming challenging circumstances, Tonya has made a significant impact in her field.


Raised in small town Nebraska, Tonya's upbringing instilled in her the values of hard work, resilience, and compassion. After completing her education at Wisner-Pilger High School, she pursued her academic career at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE, where she obtained a degree in Business Management.


Tonya's knowledge in the healthcare industry spans nearly two decades, starting in 2004. Throughout her professional journey, she has continuously sought opportunities to make a positive difference in people's lives. Her genuine dedication to helping individuals navigate difficult times and witnessing their personal growth has been the driving force behind her work.


In her current role as the Sunrise Place Administrative Director, Tonya assumes a crucial position responsible for the administrative, operational, and financial aspects of the short-term residential facility. With a meticulous approach, she executes policies and procedures while overseeing daily operations and managing personnel. Her attention to detail contributes to the smooth functioning of the facility and ensures that individuals in need receive the highest quality of care. She remains up to date with best practices, allowing her to make informed decisions and provide strategic guidance to her team.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Tonya enjoys spending time with her husband and children, cheering on lots of sporting events which include her favorite teams, the Nebraska Cornhuskers football & volleyball, Chicago Cubs baseball and Duke Blue Devils basketball. She also enjoys soaking up the sun with outdoor activities that rejuvenate her spirit. Tonya’s dedication to the well-being of others and her ability to inspire those around her make her a vital asset.

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