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Available in both Norfolk and Columbus locations. Available in person and telehealth (with select insurances/pay sources)

Behavioral Health Specialists outpatient mental health program addresses a wide array of problems which significantly interfere with everyday life activities. Services are offered to children, adolescents and adults. Our experienced professionals provide clients with the tools to address many problems such as:

· Anxieties/Fears

· Anger

· Depression

· Major Psychiatric Disorders

· Coping with Stress

· Emotional Trauma

· Family and Marital Problems

· Emotional Adjustment to Chronic or Life-Threatening Illnesses


A variety of therapeutic interventions are available to help promote change including individual therapy, family or couples therapy, and a mental health focused weekly group.


Mental Health Group

Outpatient Mental Health Group is a group therapy environment for those suffering from mental health conditions to have a space to come together to learn, grow, and recover in a place of mutual respect. The group is meant to be a judgement-free zone where group members can express their feelings and emotions, gain support, and learn new ways to cope with their symptoms. The group meets once per week for one hour. During that time, group members are given the opportunity to learn about various topics and engage in group process. The group is open to all who are interested and one does not have to be enrolled in other BHS services to participate. Please reach out to our referrals department for more information or to enroll.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is a set of services that are purchased by employers for their employees. These services can be utilized for:

· Brief, Solution-focused Counseling

· Family or Marital Conflict Resolution

· Emergency Services

· Worksite Intervention

· Brief Screenings for Alcohol, Drug or Gambling Addictions

· Anger Management

To use EAP benefits through your employer, contact your Human Resources representative to find out the EAP company your employer contracts through. When reaching out to that company, ask to use a provider at Behavioral Health Specialists. Then reach out to BHS to begin your referral and indicate you want to use EAP.



BHS partners with Richard Young Outpatient Clinic in Kearney, NE and Boystown in Omaha, NE to provide psychiatry and medication management service. These services are conducted via telehealth from our office. Initial appointment typically occur for one hour and follow up appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes. At the time of your appointment you will be asked to be here at an earlier time to provide vitals needed by your remote provider.

If you have any questions related to Psychiatry Services, please contact our Clinical Assistant at (402) 370-3140 ext. 2132


Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion and is a problem when it occurs too frequently, is too long lasting or is too intense. Excessive anger leads to health problems, impacts interpersonal relationships, and can easily lead to physical violence. BHS is pleased to have personnel certified in the Anderson & Anderson model of Anger Management. This model has the most widely recognized curriculum in the world and is also an approved intervention with professionals by the Joint Commission. Our Certified Facilitators have received specialized training and certification in the Anderson & Anderson model for both the training of adults as well as of adolescents. The number of classes available may change depending on the needs of the community. Specialized and individualized sessions are available and tailored to providing the necessary training and intervention for individuals in high profile roles such as supervisors, managers, professionals and executives. To register call our main office at 402-370-3140.

Candidates for Anger Management Classes include those who are short-tempered, have chronic irritability, are impatient, argumentative or regularly employ sarcasm in their interactions. Anger management is a class which offers the following:

Specialized Self-Assessment Assertive Communication Training Stress Management/Stress Reduction Training Training in Managing Anger Effectively Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Learning Empathetic Listening

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