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Available in both Norfolk and Columbus locations. Available in person and telehealth (with select insurances/pay sources)

Behavioral Health Specialists outpatient substance use program provide comprehensive, affordable, and accessible treatment services to the residents of Northeast Nebraska. Outpatient services allow individuals to begin lifestyle changes in their home and community with minimal disruption to their usual school or working hours through the use of individual and group sessions. Services include individual therapy, outpatient groups, and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Levels of care for substance abuse treatment


Alcohol and Drug Evaluations are a specialized service that provide an in-depth look into the scale of substance use for the purpose of making a diagnosis and providing treatment recommendations. These evaluations use self-reporting from an individual as well as an encouragement to provide collateral contact releases so that providers can obtain relevant information from supports systems to better aid in making recommendations. Collaterals can include a spouse or significant other, parent, adult child, adult sibling, friend, or co-worker.

All Alcohol and Drug Evaluations must be paid in full prior to being released to an attorney, caseworker, or other outside agencies.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP dual-disorder program focuses on aiding individuals in making lifestyle changes in order to maintain a life free from substance abuse and addiction. The IOP program serves adults (age 19 & above) and involves a minimum of 10 hours of treatment each week with an average length of stay of eight weeks. Length of treatment is dependent on the needs and presenting issues of the individual served. Parent/family participation is a strong component of care.

Individuals who have been evaluated at another agency can access our Intensive Outpatient Program and/or Outpatient Groups by submitting a copy of the evaluation to our agency to review prior to scheduling an appointment.

Treatment approaches with participants include cognitive-behavioral retraining, rational emotive therapy, strategic family therapy approaches, psychodrama, Gestalt therapy, and the traditional 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


In addition to individual therapy, aftercare services like outpatient groups provide a supportive therapeutic setting for individuals and their families who have completed an inpatient or intensive outpatient alcohol/drug treatment or co-dependency program.

Goals of aftercare include:

Strengthening gains and insights made in treatment Diminishing feelings of isolation, guilt, and depression Providing motivation for continued growth Promoting healthy lifestyles free of alcohol and other drug usage.

Aftercare groups are offered weekly. Call Norfolk and Columbus locations to check group times and availability.

Alcohol/Drug Education Workshop

Behavioral Health Specialists offers a 4-hour Alcohol and Drug Education Workshop held every 6 weeks on Thursday or Saturday. These workshops are designed to instruct the participants in a range of issues relevant to understanding alcohol and other drug usage.

No previous assessment or evaluation is needed to enroll. Topics examined include: Motivations for use, recognizing signs and symptoms of abuse, establishing low-risk drinking guidelines, understanding the medical, psychological, legal, safety, and personal risks of use and abuse, exploring alternatives to alcohol/drug use, and identifying community resources available to help when alcohol/drug abuse problems exist among other topics. Enrollment is limited and pre-registration is required. All fees must be paid prior to attendance.

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