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Behavioral Health Specialists has achieved accreditation from the Joint Commission dating back to our first accreditation in February, 1998. Joint Commission standards address the organization’s level of performance in key functional areas, such as patient rights, patient treatment, and quality of services. The standards focus not simply on our ability to provide safe, high quality care, but on our actual performance as well. BHS’s accreditation achievement is a demonstration of our leadership and staff commitment to excellence. BHS values safety and quality and if you have any concerns please report to Dr. Dharma Jairam, BHS Executive Director, at 402-370-3140 or the Joint Commission at 630-792-5800.

The Joint Commisson National Quality Approval


We are committed to excellence in the provision of comprehensive behavioral health care and family services. our approach honors each client's confidentiality, dignity, and self-determination. As skilled professionals, we proudly provide affordable and accessible services of the highest quality.

The Joint Commission

Any individual who receives care, treatment, or services should be free to raise concerns to The Joint Commission when the organization has not adequately prevented or corrected problems that can have or have had a serious adverse impact on individuals served. (800) 994-6610

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