Seekers of Serenity Place recognizes chemical dependency as a biopsychosocial illness that requires a holistic treatment approach. Treatment incorporates an abstinence model from alcohol/drug usage, a strong 12-step study and relapse prevention focus, use of cognitive/behavioral/affective interventions and family programming.

Clinically Managed Social Detox

The first step in treatment is detoxification - removing the toxic substance from the body. Symptoms that persons will experience during withdrawal will vary due to individual circumstance that include the type/quantity/frequency of use, health status of the person, etc. Our detox services are designed for those individuals who are medically stable yet need a structured environment to support and promote their healing process and help plan for future needs. Primary focus during this time is on provision of proper nutrition, rest, monitoring of psychological functioning and assessing the overall needs of the person. As a person's psychological and physical functioning permits, they are invited to participate in any, or all, of the treatment groups and activities within the facility.

Short-Term Residential Treatment

Individualized treatment planning and self-discovery assignments are tailored to the unique needs and strengths of each person. Clients participate in a minimum of 24 hours of scheduled therapeutic interventions per week. Included in this individual therapy, group therapy, family/couples therapy, educational programming and networking with the 12-step community.

Our Goals

  • Support the person in their desire to live a meaningful, comfortable life without the use of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Provide relapse prevention education and skills training to promote responsible life-style restructuring.
  • Strengthen relationship building skills to restore connectedness to and intimacy with healthy others.
  • Educate family and significant others about chemical dependency, tools for recovery and coping with and responding to the unique challenges of having a loved one with an addiction.

Admission Criteria

We serve adults, age 19 and older, whose substance abuse/addiction disorder requires clinically managed social detoxification services and/or residential treatment.

Admission to Detox services is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week (based on bed availability). Some referrals may necessitate a medical screening prior to placement to ensure medical stability of the person. Admission to Residential Treatment is by scheduled appointment only and requires completion of a prescreening assessment to ensure appropriateness of placement at this level of care.

Criminal Justice Referrals

Our services are available and accessible to criminal justice referrals from probation, parole and specialty courts. Our clinical providers are registered Substance Abuse Service Providers in Nebraska.