Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is a set of services that are purchased by employers for their employees. These services are related to the behavioral health field. Services such as:
  • Brief, Solution-focused Counseling
  • Family or Marital Conflict Resolution
  • Emergency Services
  • Worksite Intervention
  • Brief Screenings for Alcohol, Drug or Gambling Addictions

Educational Resources

Our EAP program will make use of various educational resources to bring information about behavioral health issues to EAP members and their families. In order to share this information with you, we can provide the following:
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Educational Forums
  • Supervisor Training
  • Posters
  • Monthly Newsletter Articles
  • Educational Consultations

Clinical Resources

Our EAP program utilizes short-term, or brief counseling strategies and referrals to promote personal growth. Your employer determines the maximum number of visits with an EAP counselor each year. Your visits begin with a clinical assessment which determines whether the issue is something that can be handled within the EAP or if a referral to another service is warranted. I have checked on the Royal Mail Trace Trace and all I get is rolex replica. Can you please advise me where to look for the correct tracking of my order, which still has not arrived. Please explain! As far as I am concerned, you have taken my rolex replica uk and I do not have a watch. I am getting a bit tired of this. If it is not here by the morning, I will be contacting hublot replica sale. I am unable to track this order (see previous emails), and am getting concerned that it has not arrived yet. As per my previous emails, if this hublot replica does not arrive by tomorrow morning, I will be contacting EBAY and leaving tag heuer replica sale about your company. Please let me know what is the rolex replica uk status of the order.