Anger Management

What is Anger Management?

Anger is a normal human emotion and is a problem when it occurs too frequently, is too long lasting or is too intense. Excessive anger leads to health problems, impacts interpersonal relationships and can easily lead to physical violence. Candidates for Anger Management Classes include those who are short-tempered, have chronic irritability, are impatient, argumentative or regularly employ sarcasm in their interactions. Anger management is a class which offers the following:
  • Specialized Self-Assessment
  • Assertive Communication Training
  • Stress Management/Stress Reduction Training
  • Training in Managing Anger Effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence Enhancement
  • Learning Empathetic Listening

Internationally Recognized Model and Staff Certification

BHS is pleased to have personnel certified in the Anderson & Anderson model of Anger Management. This model has the most widely recognized curriculum in the world and is also an approved intervention with professionals by the Joint Commission. Our Certified Facilitators have received specialized training and certification in the Anderson & Anderson model for both the training of adults as well as of adolescents. Our Anger Management Classes Two different class formats are offered for both adolescents and adults:

The number of classes available may change depending on the needs of the community. Specialized and individualized sessions are available and tailored to providing the necessary training and intervention for individuals in high profile roles such as supervisors, managers, professionals and executives. To register yourself or to make a referral to our Anger Management Classes, call our main office at 402-370-3140. A sliding fee scale based off income guidelines is available.
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